Saturday, December 9, 2023

China accused NATO of slandering Beijing’s peaceful developments

A day after military alliance leaders warned of systemic challenges from Beijing, China accused NATO of slandering its peaceful developments. China has committed to a its most defensive policy and urged NATO to view China’s developments in a rational way.

China will not pose a systemic challenge to anyone, but we will not sit down and take action when a systemic challenge arises. China’s stated ambition and strong behavior pose systemic challenges to the rules-based international order and in areas related to the security of the Alliance. We will never relinquish our right to maintain peace and will resolutely defend our sovereignty, security and development interests.

China said that the number of nuclear weapons at its disposal was absolutely disproportionate to NATO member states. They called on NATO to stop fomenting the China threat of any kind. Also devoting more energy to promoting dialogue and cooperation to safeguard international and regional security and stability.

China is now one of the world’s most leading military and economic powers. China’s defense budget will be $209 billion by 2021, while NATO’s defense spending is estimated at $1.17 trillion. The 30-nation alliance is increasingly concerned about its growing influence.

In addition to China, alliance leaders reaffirmed a two-way approach to defense and dialogue with Russia. Agreed to a new cyber defense policy and reaffirmed their commitment to standing in Afghanistan.

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