Monday, September 25, 2023

Chanan Colman and Jessie Wimbledon While Parenting

Jessie J and Chanan Colman celebrated their new parenthood and great tennis matches at Wimbledon. The couple celebrated the birth of their son, Sky Safir Cornish Colman, in mid-May while attending the famous event. Jessie J’s chic outfit drew attention.

She was confident and stylish in a Barbie-pink button-down top and transparent leggings. She added huge pink eyeglasses, star-shaped gold earrings, and gold open-toed heels. Her colourful attire reflected her personality. Chanan Colman chose a traditional, modest look. He wore a white T-shirt, tan vest, and matching pants.

His gold necklace, brown-and-gold leather watch, and white trainers provided refinement. Jessie J and Chanan Colman looked great together. The couple’s excitement grew throughout the matches. The games captivated Jessie J. She tightened her jaws and motioned towards the court, excited for the heated tennis action.

Chanan Colman smiled and patted her back, enjoying her devotion. Everyone saw their love. Jessie J and Chanan Colman enjoyed the matches and took pictures together. The cheeky couple posed for photos in an Evian-sponsored VIP room. Colman, carrying a large pink tennis ball, and Jessie J, pretending to hit it, were joyful.

These photos captured their playful relationship. Jessie J posted a humorous selfie on Instagram Story. She said, “Always count on me to do something awkward and extra af.” Her fans loved her honesty. “Essex girls for life” Anne-Marie and she uploaded a photo together.

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