Monday, December 4, 2023

Chad Kroeger says he ‘retired’ during the pandemic

Nickelback’s lead singer and guitarist, Chad Kroeger, had an identity issue during the pandemic. In an interview with People, the rocker wondered if he would be “unemployed” or “retired” now.

“I’m not a husband or a father, so much of my identity relies on [the band],” he said.

“I’m the singer in this band, and that defines me.” When I don’t, I’m Derek Zoolander: “Who am I?”

Before the COVID-19 pandemic, Nickelback was supposed to tour in support of their ninth album, Feed the Machine.

“The enormous pause button was struck for us all,” Kroeger said. “We were in a state of uncertainty, not knowing what was going on.””This won’t last,” we thought. “It kept getting longer.”
Kroeger “tried to be intoxicated through the entire pandemic.”

“I was going to sober up when it stopped, which is unhealthy. “Then I found creative moments.” Strange. I had no obligations or responsibilities. Nobody could say “no” to me.

Kroeger remarked, “If I can persuade my band members into producing a demo and two independent albums that weren’t very successful, I think I can talk my girlfriend into drinking on a Tuesday.”

When the lockdown ended, Kroeger was inspired to record with the band.

Nickelback released “Get Rollin'” in 2022. San Quentin was released in September 2022, followed by Those Days.

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