Saturday, December 2, 2023

Celine Dion is honored with a sincere tribute’ at the Cannes Film Festival

A Celine Dion biography gave a light respite from Cannes’ regular arthouse fare.

“Aline: The Voice of Love” is one of the most unpleasant biopics in music that remembers Dion as the gawky nerd who yet went from childhood to the stadium-filling soft rock queen.

The filmmakers told Aline Dieu that they had altered the name of the star, giving them a room in their tale description, but Dion’s real life and songs are quite close to it.

“We’d like a brother who complained about his 1988 sweater being blue, not red,” quipped Wednesday’s news conference Valerie Lemercier, who directs and stars the picture.

Along with a very easygoing attitude to its theme, Lemercier plays Dion from 12 to maturity and with the assistance of some photo-shopping includes a stunning decision by a director.

But the idea that the movie will do anything other than fawn about the celebrity was never made.

“The second degree we’d never award her,” Lemercier added. “I respect Celine a lot, who never bores me. It’s always fun, intriguing whatever she does – she’s captivating. What she does.”

The epidemic has delayed the picture, which was scheduled to be released in November, before Christmas.

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