Sunday, June 4, 2023

Many Pakistani celebrities supporting Sadaf Kanwal for her statement

Sadaf Kanwal made news charm after a video from a recent interview went viral. She said that “My husband is my culture“. Sadaf said that as a wife, it is her duty to take care of her husband’s clothes, shoes and food. But because she is a wife, her husband is not obliged to take care of her.

Sadaf Kanwal’s statement split the Internet. Some people support it but some destroy it. The internet began to be flooded with hilarious memes from Sadaf.

Sadaf Kanwal also faced strong backlash from some members of the industry. Her model partner Sabeeka Imam also taunt her for her comments. Sadaf received a lot of backlash. But several celebrities also defended her and expressed their support for Sadaf.

Celebrities include Ali Abbas, Ahmad Ali Butt and his wife and filmstar Noor Bukhari. They went their social accounts to support Sadaf’ statement and urged people to think positively.

Some said that it’s our mindset of our society to think everything with a negative impact and some consider it as Islamic teachings. Their official posts are below:

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