Sunday, December 10, 2023

Catholic Church is responsible for neglecting local school rules: Trudeau

“As a Catholic, I am deeply disappointed in the position the Catholic Church has held now and for many years. We hope the church strengthens its role and takes responsibility”, Justin Trudeau told reporters. The remaining’s of 215 children in the former school had revealed last month. The Catholic Church should be held accountable for its role in running Canada’s many indigenous schools.

Between 1831 and 1996, Canada’s residential school system forcibly removed about 150,000 children from their homes. Many of them were victims of abuse, rape and malnutrition. The Truth Reconciliation Commission called a “cultural genocide” in 2015.

Before we start taking the Catholic Churchs to justice, I really hope religious leaders understand that they need to participate and not hide from it. The Catholic Church in Canada as a whole is not affiliated with local schools or the Canadian Bishops’ Conference.

This week’s discovery of children’s bodies at the Kamloops India Housing School in British Columbia, which closed in 1978. It has reopened old wounds and sparked anger over a persistent lack of information and accountability. A Catholic community called the Missionary Waters of Mary Immaculate ran the Kamloops School, which was once the largest in Canada. On Friday, the head of Kamloops School still stands that the country had not received any records from the Immaculate Conception Oblates that would help identify the children.

Some rare old pictures of home based Canadian schools and students. — Photo Credits/Twitter

World want an apology from Catholic Church

UN human rights experts asked Canada and the Vatican to further investigate the deaths of children found in Kamloops In 2008, the Canadian government officially apologized for the system.

Trudeau said many people “wonder why the Catholic Church in Canada is silent and not getting stronger”. Since 2015, Trudeau has never made such harsh remarks to the Catholic Church about housing schools. It is unthinkable for Canada and the Holy See to allow such heinous crimes to go unnoticed and without full compensation.

Vancouver Archbishop said on Twitter that “the Church has undoubtedly made mistakes” and that his archdiocese with its files. The files will be transparent about boarding schools. Everyone want an apology from the Catholic Church. A public apology, Not just for us, but for the world.

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