Saturday, December 9, 2023

Carrie Underwood was inconsolable after unintentionally killing a bird

Once her friend Constantine Maroulis said, Carrie Underwood unintentionally killed a small bird when she was on tour.

Since they participated in the ‘American Idol’ 2005 series, which Carrie won, the two singers became buddies.

The theatre actor ‘Rock of Ages’ Constantine recounted his experience on a tragic event, where Carrie, a 38 year old animal enthusiast, squished a bird strolling outside a hotel.

After the catastrophe, the 45-year-old actress says that her vegetarian ideals made her “hysterical.”

Constantines recalled: “I’ve always had a wonderful time in Minneapolis in general in the twin towns. It was cool, St. Paul. In fact, something hilarious occurred there, well… it causes me creps. She would be so furious. She’d like it, but I don’t think it’ll be humorous.

Constantine remembers that the doorman of the hotel had to step in in the walls of the smashed bird outside of his entry, shielding Carrie and other guests.

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