Wednesday, October 4, 2023

Careem can be cheaper and faster after the Uber shutdown

Uber taxi services are also shut down in five of Pakistan’s biggest cities, including Karachi, Islamabad, Peshawar, Multan, and Faisalabad, The news is good for the prices and services of Careem. No one knows how long it will keep going in Lahore and other places.

Since 2020, Uber has owned all of Careem. When Uber said it was leaving the cities above, it also told customers and drivers to start using Careem rather. As a sign of goodwill, Uber also did give its drivers a one-time goodwill payment and did cancel any driver bills that were still due.

Careem needs more cars

Obviously, this means that even more drivers will join Careem in those cities, which could cause prices to go down. When there are more drivers, there are more rides available, so there are fewer peak times and maybe even cheaper fares. For people who don’t know, peak factors only do use when there aren’t enough drivers in your area. The problem goes away when there are enough drivers for everyone.

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Because there are more drivers, it will also take you a lot less time to get a ride. Drivers won’t have to come from far away to take your trip, allowing them able to get to you quickly.

But a lot of that depends on how many Uber drivers switch to Careem. We don’t know how many drivers will switch to Careem right now. Some drivers will probably start using apps like InDriver instead of Uber or Careem.

So, take care when thinking about these results.

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