Sunday, October 1, 2023

Cardi B’s ‘The Crown’ comments may outrage royalists

Cardi B has divulged the identity of her favorite on-screen character from the Netflix series “The Crown.”

Her opinion on the episodes that she has seen up to this point hints that the musician may have insulted King Charles and Queen Consort Camilla.

The female American rapper reportedly expressed admiration for Princess Margaret. “I can totally picture myself chowing down on some biscuits and smoking cigarettes with her.”

When Cardi B was asked for her opinion on Prince Charles and his wife Camilla, she responded by using language that was filled with expletives about Queen Elizabeth.

In response to the question that was asked, she stated, “I haven’t gotten there yet.” “I’m currently on episode 13, and Prince Philip has just returned, but Queen Elizabeth still hasn’t given him any.
There is a good chance that the rapper’s words will make people angry in the UK, where monarchists have already said they don’t like “The Crown.”

The royal family is unhappy with how some of its members have been portrayed in the media.

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