Sunday, March 26, 2023

Cardi B finally won lawsuit over controversial mixtape cover

It’s not uncommon for creators to get sued because their film, song or other work infringes on the copyright of another creator. Cardi B has won the $5 million ‘Gangsta Bitch Music, Volume 1’ mixtape cover case but Taylor Swift is still fighting the ‘Shake It Off’ lawsuit.

Kevin Brophy filed a lawsuit against the rapper Cardi B in 2017 because of the mixtape cover. It depicts a man with extensive back tattoos engaging in oral sex with the artist. Brophy stated that his image and his back tattoos have utilized without his knowledge or consent for the cover. When he first filed suit against Cardi, he claimed that her raunchy artwork had damaged his personal life.

According to reports, Cardi B has settled a legal dispute with respect to the artwork for her debut Gangsta Bitch Music Vol. 1. The Santa Ana jury decided that the artist did not intentionally represent Kevin Brophy in a negative manner and did not steal his likeness.

Moreover, jury decided that Cardi B’s use of Kevin Brophy’s image on the cover of her mixtape did not defame. Whereas, Kevin’s attorneys claim that a male model has used for the photo shoot. The tattoo of a tiger and a snake that appeared on his back has added digitally. The tattoo has revealed to be a part of a larger back piece that was extremely significant to Brophy. The ruling means Brophy will not receive the $5 million in damages he was seeking from Cardi in the lawsuit.

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