Wednesday, March 22, 2023

Court ruled in favour of Cardi B in defamtion case against Youtuber

Rapper Cardi B filed a defamation case against Kebe in 2019 for running a malicious campaign to harm her reputation. Now it has reported that she won her legal case against a Youtuber. In her lawsuit against YouTuber, a federal jury found in favour of Cardi B.

Cardi B was a stripper in her early years but says that it had a beneficial influence on her life. It include her returning to school, escaping poverty, domestic violence and many more.

According to the judge’s decision, an unnamed lady defamed the rapper and has ordered to pay her over $1 million in damages. Both ladies testified over the course of the two-week trial. Defamation and two additional offences have found against Latasha in her YouTube videos and other online postings by the jury.

Furthermore, Cardi has granted $1.25 million in damages, although the final sum might be more. Legal bills and any further punitive damages of Cardi B that Youtuber Kebe owes will be the subject of a hearing today. The jury found Kebe responsible for defamation, invasion of privacy and intentional infliction of emotional distress. Read More…

There was no quick response from either of the women’s lawyers.

Cardi sued Latasha Kebe in 2019 over a series of videos in which the rapper made alarming assertions about her character. Cardi B “f*cked herself with beer bottles on f*cking stripper stages” appears in one of the videos mentioned in the complaint. Herpes, being a prostitute and cheating on her spouse are just some of the claims made in other videos.

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