Monday, April 15, 2024

Cardi B SLAMS accusations ‘gay baiting’ in crazy side video

The current outrage between Rapper and singer Cardi B was addressed. The media house, after she had appeared in Normanis Wild Side video, accused the WAP singer of “gay baiting.”

Today, the singer went to Twitter to fire a magazine claims that she belonged to celebrities which “suspected of being romantically linked with someone else of the same sex because of advertising, promotion or capitalism.”

Cardi tweeted back from the air: “I’m married to a man, but my bisexuality and experience with ladies has been expressed so much. Suddenly the new word “queer baiting” is used by individuals.”

“The 29-year-old artist said, I don’t like this new word, “Gay Baiting.” I believe like there’s a need to talk about your sexuality or things you don’t enjoy talking about. Does an artist know that she has to wit another woman showing film and text in a video?”

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