Sunday, March 26, 2023

Cardi B felt suicidal during testifies in libel trial against YouTuber

It’s not the first time Cardi B has testified about her suicidal thoughts following Tasha Kebe’s claimed malicious falsehoods about her. At a Georgia courthouse, the 29 years old singer detailed how she had devastated by the bombshell allegations, including contracting sexual illnesses.

Cardi B went on to state that she felt helpless suicidal as Kebe continued to promote the alleged lies. Whereas, youtuber has almost 1 million followers. she had conditions like fatigue, anxiety, weight loss, and migraines.

She opened up about how the claimed libellous episodes damaged her self-esteem shortly after couple welcomed their baby. Reports that that she was feeling dejected and defeated and that she didn’t want to sleep with her spouse. To the point of saying that she didn’t deserve baby at the time.

A complaint filed by Cardi B in 2019 alleges that Kebe tried to profit from circulating false rumours about her. These rumoured allegations are, Cardi was a prostitute, was disloyal to Offset and took cocaine.

She claims the disrespectful comments had made in April 2018 when Kebe released an online video. Kebe said in video, Cardi and Kulture’s pregnancy may result in a child born with special needs.The lawsuit claims that Kebe released at least 38 videos about her in 16 months.

The defamation and harassment of Cardi became a lifelong obsession for Kebe. There is a chance that she will testify again in the trial which will continue until January 18.

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