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Capital of the United Arab Emirates (Government of Abu Dhabi) to Resume Normal Activities in Two Weeks


The Government of Abu Dhabi has chosen to continue all its financial, the travel industry, social, and recreational exercises inside about fourteen days.

The Emergency Crisis and Disasters Committee (ECDC) for the COVID-19 pandemic declared on Wednesday that it is working with the concerned specialists to continue “all exercises in about fourteen days”.

The Abu Dhabi Government Media Office said that the choice was made after the achievement accomplished by executing prudent steps to check the spread of COVID-19.

It said that all exercises inside the emirate will be continued while keeping up the prudent systems.

“All economic, tourism, cultural, and entertainment activities in the emirate will fully resume, while precautionary procedures already in place will be enhanced to preserve all health gains achieved,” it said.

The public authority has clarified that the recommended wellbeing rule should be carefully clung to, infringement of which will bring about substantial fines.

The ECDC reaffirmed its obligation to proceeding with its endeavors to contain the spread of the destructive infection. This incorporates dynamic following and testing, and government assistance programs for social strength during the pandemic.

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