Saturday, December 2, 2023

Canada: Indian Diaspora Stages Tricolor Demonstration Against Violence on Republic Day

The Indian Diaspora in Canada holds a tricolor nonviolence rally in Vancouver, which is held at Red Fort during a Republic Day farmer-tractor rally in New Delhi.

Vancouver’s streets echoed with slogans “Vande Mataram” and “Bharat Mata Ki Jai” as Indians staged a Tiranga rally from Strawberry Hill in Surrey to the Indian Consulate General, demonstrating the bilateral relationship between India and Canada.

Demonstrators expressed disappointment at Tricolor’s neglect during the January 26 vandalism and violent protests at Red Fort. They support the Indian government and the peasants.

The center supports Delhi police and says they are not open but taking action
On Tuesday, the government notified parliament that “aggressive” farmers had rioted and “punishing” violence against government officials during the Republic Day parade in the state capital. The Delhi police have no choice but to take firm action.

State Secretary (Home Secretary) Kishan Reddy said in a written reply to Lok Sabha: “They aggressively engaged in civil unrest, damaged state property and used criminal force to prevent officials from carrying out their duties. They injured police officers.” in service. “
In addition, social distancing has not been pursued by farmers and protesters, and they are gathering in large numbers without masks after the COVID-19 pandemic. The peasants’ actions left Delhi police with no choice but to use tear gas water cannons and light force. to control the crowd, “he added.
and hope a quick solution to the problem.

On Republic Day, violence broke out when a group of demonstrators deviated from the route set for agricultural tractors and raised the flags and religion of the peasants under the tricolor flag of Red Fort.

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