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Camila Cabello looks stunning during her vacations in Dominican Republic

Camila Cabello is looking stuuning in recent pics of her vacations in the Dominican Republic. She wore eye-catching dress that accentuates her curves. Camila and Shawn have broke up in November 2021. So, She went on a vacation to the Dominican Republic to deal with it.

The ‘Havana’ singer glided through the waves in a string bikini as the sun sank behind her. During this time she ran her fingers through her hair and gazed off into the horizon. Camila Cabello apologised to her followers for not keeping them updated about her vacations but the pictures she shared more than made up for it.

CLICK HERE to see her shared pictures on social media.

Since her breakup from Shawn Mendes, the former Fifth Harmony member has been rocking some daring styles. When she got over her ex, she went for the stereotypical post-breakup hairstyle makeover. She posted a photo of herself with neon blue hair on Instagram a few days after her separation. She accessorised with a ruffled, brightly coloured shirt.

Rumors that Camila and Shawn were dating initially started when Camila’s “Seorita” music video featured hot chemistry between the two of them. They were inseparable during their time in quarantine, fantasising about being married one day. But after Shamila’s death, Camila has revealed that she believes her own nervousness was a factor in the tragic event. As a result, they quited their relationship.

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