Friday, March 31, 2023

Camila Cabello revealed she deleted dating apps after just 24 hours

The ‘Havana’ singer Camila Cabello was open and honest about her own attempt at finding love using some dating apps. In an interview, she revealed that she went on a dating app for like 24 hours then she quit.

Camila Cabello said that she had tried internet dating apps but quickly swiped left since she didn’t like the concept for several reasons. She told presenter, “The first man that DM’d me was like wannabe singer-songwriter from Nashville. I feel bad since somebody might be exploiting me. You can’t be sure of their motives.”

Moreover, she added, “she likes to meet people in a new way. When you are simply looking to make friends, you are going to meet people that have vetted by your friends.”

Camila’s conversation on online dating services follows her August sighting with Lox Club founder Austin Kevitch. An eyewitness reported that their outing was full of passionate embraces. They had extremely nice together and appeared pleased. They held hands and went for a stroll after the kiss, so it seems like a good day all around.

Furthermore, Camila dated Shawn Mendes for about two years before she has linked to Austin. However, in November of 2021, they made public their decision to separate.

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