Thursday, April 18, 2024

California wildfires 2021 are the 2nd largest in state’s history

Authorities said the northern California wildfires 2021 is the second worst in the state’s history. The fires had scorched 463,477 hectares, up from 447,723 hectares the day before. It covered an area more larger than the whole Los Angeles.

The current fire in forest is the largest active in the US but one of only 11 major fires in state. Over the weekend, the northern California wildfires 2021 surpassed the Mendocino Complex fire in 2018, becoming the second heaviest fire in the country’s history.

Governor Gavin Newsom visited the burning historic city of Greenville and expressed his “deep thanks” to the firefighting team.

He said authorities needed to devote more resources to forest management and fire prevention. He also added, “The drier ones are getting more drier, hotter than ever. We have to admit these are climate-related bushfires.”

Climate change is exacerbating droughts that dry up areas and create ideal conditions for forest fires to spread uncontrollably and cause unprecedented material and environmental damage.

This wildfire injured three firefighters and remained at 21%, unchanged from the previous day. You suspect that the fire, which started on July 13, can not extinguished in two weeks.

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