Wednesday, November 29, 2023

Cabinet criticized Sindh for “accumulating” wheat last year

The federal cabinet on Tuesday criticized the Sindh government for playing a “dirty role” in last year’s wheat crisis, “accumulating” millions of tons of the commodity.

The cabinet was unable to reach a decision on raising the salaries of employees of the federal secretariat and a follow-up meeting between employees’ representatives and Interior Minister Sheikh Rashid on the matter also remained inconclusive.

The employees then decided to strike on Wednesday (today) and to protest with the support of the opposition Democratic Movement of Pakistan (PDM).

Prime Minister Imran Khan also took notice of the non-filling of about 90 posts for heads of government organizations and ordered the positions to fill in seven days.

The meeting also discussed the upcoming Senate elections and the ordinance passed to improve the 2017 Electoral Law for open voting in the upper house of parliament.

Information Minister Shibli Faraz Said:

Moreover, At a press conference with Planning and Development Minister Asad Umar after the cabinet meeting, Information Minister Shibli Faraz said the meeting expressed serious concern about a report on the “launching of six-year-old stocks unsuitable for the consumption of 32,000 tons of wheat by the Sindh government”.

He also said the cabinet noted that the Sindh government did not release wheat in time and also did not share data on wheat and sugar stocks with the federal government.

As a result artificial price increases, accumulation, and waste of available wheat stock that could have been used by the public.

“Does the Sindh government see people like animals who could be given rotten wheat”?.

The Sindh government did filthy politics by hoarding wheat and despite a letter sent by the Khyber Pakhtunkhwa government it did not release wheat when needed,” he claimed it also.

The cabinet also approved the exemption from regulations of the Public Procurement Regulatory Authority for imports of 300,000 tons of wheat and 500,000 tons of sugar.

However, A source at the Interior Ministry said the cabinet agreed to increase salaries for public officials in grades 1-16 by 40 percent. But, employees demanded a 100% increase for grades 1 to 22.

The PM about PDM for supporting a “corruption-friendly” system:

Due to it, PM Imran Khan criticized the PDM for supporting a “corruption-friendly” system in the Senate elections.

He also said his government was determined to stop the cycle of corruption and money laundering. He tweeted about it and showed a video.

The videos showing the shameful way in which politicians buy & sell votes in Senate. As a result, it destructs of the nation’s morality by successive ruling elites as they drowned the nation in debt. The cycle of corruption & money laundering is also a sordid tale of our political elite,” he said in a tweet.

This is what the PDM wants to now protect by supporting a corruption-friendly system. We are determined to stop this cycle of corruption & money laundering that is debilitating the nation,” the prime minister maintained.

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