Thursday, June 8, 2023

By the time I became mayor, all my crushes had kids says Farooq Sattar

Senior politician Farooq Sattar has made some surprising personal discoveries about himself for the first time in his life.

Farooq Sattar took part in a webcast presented by Tabish Hashmi, in which he answered questions from the host about his political career at its peak as well as his undergraduate days.

It was mentioned by him that at the beginning of his medical college career, when he was affiliated with a political party, the females used to make a lot of jokes at his expense, and they would ask him for time to meet with them, but he didn’t have any available at the time.

His reasoning was that the girls he used to have affections for were all married and with children by the time I became mayor, and thus my heart’s yearning remained unsatisfied until I was elected to my current position as mayor.

Speaking about Altaf Hussain, Farooq Sattar remarked that in the past, whenever Altaf Hussain said something controversial during his speech, he would stop him from repeating it four or five times, including in front of the party’s members, but he would continue to say it anyhow.

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