Sunday, December 10, 2023

Bushra Ansari gets support from Atiqa Odho following a popular dancing video

After being bashed into a popular dancing video, Atiqa Odho extended her support to the legendary actress Bushra Ansari, stating, “There is nobody right to tell her how to live.”

Atiqa Odho resorted to Instagram to support her “friend’ Mr. Bushra Ansari with a long message.

“#abhitomainjawanhoon” the Nijat actor said. ” #BushraAnsari I stand by She is our country’s #Legend and well served us. Nobody is entitled to tell her how to live or behave. She is not a criminal, therefore stop treating her as though she had violated any law.”

“The livelihood and the pleasure of people is not a crime, it is a service. Those who disregard their elders just show their own miserable education.”

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