Monday, December 11, 2023

Bushra Ansari fires again after the dance video controversy

Various actress Bushra Ansari replied severely to the social media trolls who criticized her on a dancing video and stated, “I am not accountable to any anonymous troller”

The actor from Aangan Terha took Instagram and slapped on the haters.

She wrote: “I have been in great sorrow for the previous three months…and the loss will be in our hearts till our last breath. It was a dholki family two days ago and all of my friends insisted that I get rid of the tension and my sorrow.”

“Go up with my son Azan for 2 minutes to demonstrate the delight of my involvement. However, sad…to witness the reaction of people. We are renowned and especially when one is beyond a certain age. How pitiful simply want to see us unhappy “

Bushra went on to say “I tell you this is your best age to live when you’re done with all your homework; and I don’t have any regrets at this age when I’m over 60.. so this cheap weapon of telling seniors, that you’re old and don’t really have a right to be happy… why not? If this alone is the old flow, alter your attitude or approach your parents in the same way. I don’t know why little youngsters feel uneasy with elder folks.”

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