Thursday, March 30, 2023

Buildings in Vellore suffer structural deterioration, prompting expert analysis

A New Delhi team will look into recent tremors in Vellore, Tamil Nadu, that destroyed houses and other infrastructure. Science ministers from the Centre will be part of the team.

Vellore was affected by a 3.5 Richter tremor. There has been a mild tremor since December 21 in Pernambut and nearby communities

Several homes and buildings in Vellore have cracks, the collector claims.

“An earthquake of 3.5 magnitude is less likely to cause structural damage. Damaged basements “The collector told the NIE.

Residents were relocated when their homes were destroyed. Many NGOs have also aided the local authorities.

It was 3.6 on November 29 in Tirupattur. On December 23, a tremor near Chittoor was observed. Then earthquakes and a huge roar hit Pernambut.

Experts advise digital observatories at Ranipet and elsewhere. Activation of existing faultlines at the Tamil Nadu-Andhra Pradesh border is suspected.

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