Wednesday, November 29, 2023

Buckingham Palace released a non-declaration on the New Memoir of Prince Harry

When news of Prince Harry‘s book of his royal life emerged on Monday, 19th of July, Twitter couldn’t wait for the whole tea to pour out. But the rest of the family keeps their responses tightly guarded in Buckingham Palace.

Recently, a spokesman for the Duke and the Duchess of Sussex informed People, Prince Harry had talked about the book from the Penguin Random House in privacy with his family towards the end of 2022. Moreover, it was a head up. When Buckingham Palace was approached to respond, he replied only: “The Duke of Sussex would have no clarification of the book.” Well, all right then. All right then.

The book was touted as a ‘intimate and hearty tome’ in the publishers’ advertisement, and the ‘enduring chronicle’ of his colourful lives. The firm further vowed that the book will “teach readers that an inspirational, heroic and inspirational human history lurks beneath all they believe they know.”

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