Thursday, March 30, 2023

BTS’s leader, sends a shoutout, Elton John expresses his appreciation

Sir Elton John, the multi-Grammy award-winning artist, recently responded to RM, the leader of the k-pop band, BTS’s shoutout.

The BTS band is gaining fame as their English-language ballad Butter went nine weeks on the Billboard singles chart – the HOT 100.

RM, the band’s leader, invited the 74-year-old superstar to dance to their latest hit Permission to Dance.

“When it everything seems wrong/Just sing along to Elton John,” says the BTS song Permission to Dance.

RM sent a little video of himself to the BTS Twitter account. “When it all feels wrong,” he wrote. Follow @eltonofficial #PermissionToDance.”

The track has spawned a series of dance challenges that have gone viral on social media.

In response to RM’s praise, Elton John released a video dancing to BTS’ smash song. He uploaded it on his YouTube channel. “When everything feels great, I sing along to @bangtantv #permissiontodance,” he wrote.

The singer also posted a video to his Twitter account. He is shown singing Permission to Dance by a Korean band.

“When the nights get cooler, And the beats got you falling behind @BTS twt #permissiontodance,” he wrote beside the video. “Army love.”

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