Sunday, October 1, 2023

K-pop supergroup BTS reportedly will enlist in the South Korean military

According to recent reports, the K-pop superstar group BTS will enlist in the military and put an end to a long debate. All men under the age of 30 in South Korea have expected to serve in the military for around two years. Their country is still technically at war with North Korea which possesses nuclear weapons.

BTS has cancelled performances due to Covid-19, BTS nonetheless managed to generate more money for its record company. However, they are still adding to the billions of won they had already poured into the South Korean economy.

Members of BTS, Suga and Jin must enlist by December or risk jail time to deal with the specter of South Korea’s conscription in the military. The members of BTS are now pushing forward with plans to fulfil their military duty.

According to group statement, ‘Each individual begins on independent ventures. It is the appropriate time for the members of BTS to serve with honour. Group member Jin will commence the procedure after his timetable for his solo release complete. Individual preparations have made for the military service of the other members of the group.”

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