Thursday, February 22, 2024

Government will facilitate travelers by launching BRT between Warsak Road and Hayatabad

The government intends to introduce Bus Rapid Transit (BRT) on the Ring Road between Warsak Road and Hayatabad. City Mayor Haji Zubair Ali spoke at a meeting that it is in order to improve passenger convenience.

According to reports, the mayor convened the meeting, which included the participation of TransPeshawar CEO, Director Finance KPK Urban Mobility Authority and Director Finance of Metropolitan Government Peshawar. Moreover, Chairman of Tehsil and other key figures in the city also attended the meeting.

The Mayor said that the local government will begin working on a shuttle service as soon as possible. The appropriate departments are working hard to increase the number of BRT buses between Warsak Road and Hayatabad.

The CEO of TransPeshawar informed the mayor about the bus rapid transit (BRT) system’s routes and manpower. Whereas, the mayor expressed his appreciation for the purchase of more buses and for the provision of transportation facilities. He also encourage vehicle maintenance, security, cleanliness and the allocation of special seats for women and transgenders.

Furthermore, he applauded the firm for its efforts to designate separate seats for women and transgender people. He called for additional value-added services for this particular group of passengers.

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