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Brittany Higgins hospitalized after speaking about her alleged rape

26 years old Ms. Brittany Higgins hospitalized on Thursday. She is taking time to recover from months of relentless political pressure. An Australian woman spoke in parliament about her alleged rape. It has sparked MeToo Movement across the country. Her case disrupted the culture of sexism and misogyny in Australian politics. She has hospitalized due to her mental health condition.

Ms. Higgins claimed that she had raped by a her colleague in her boss’s office in 2019 during a job. When she reported the rape, she had transferred, received little support and had to quit her job. Since her speech in February, she has called for reform of parliamentary culture. Also inspired other Australian women to report their sexual assault allegations.

A number of federal and state lawmakers have been charged with sexual assault and misconduct this year. It includes Government Secretary, who vehemently denies allegations of raping a teenage girl. Tens of thousands of people across the country took part in protests against sexual violence and discrimination against women in March. Read More…

Her colleague told media that she suffered greatly last week after Mr. Morrison’s cabinet submitted a report to Parliament denying any interference in her case. Prime Minister’s staff spread information in media to discredit her and her partner.

How the government responded to Brittany Higgins allegations?

Brittany Higgins held a private meeting with the Prime Minister in April which she later described as difficult. She previously accused him of using language to blame victims when spoke about their case and others.

Further, Police have launched a deep criminal investigation into her rape case. Her allegations have also sparked separate investigations into women’s parliamentary culture, human processes and the accountability of various ministers.

Mr. Morrison also came under pressure to explain why he was not aware of the alleged rape of Ms. Higgins, though some of his cabinet members knew about it. He has also been heavily criticized for his administration’s response to allegations. Despite political pressure, Prime Minister Scott Morrison refused to investigate the lawsuits.

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