Thursday, April 18, 2024

Britney Spears tells a Los Angeles judge that she wants to see her father Jamie has been charged with conservatorship abuse

Britney Spears told the Court of LA that she wanted her dad to be accused of the abuse of children.

Britney Spears again called for the court to remove Jamie Spears from a legal treaty that has governed much of her life for over 13 years. For the second time in less than one month, she called on the court.

The actress first told him that she wanted the courtroom to be clear before change her mind, claiming she would speak publicly by providing proof via telephoning while fans of the #FreeBritney campaign protested before her hearing.

The singer Britney Spears added that she wished that the conservatory would be ended without medical evaluation, but that her objective was to get her dad out of his job. She added she’d be delighted to let Jodi Montgomery, co-conservative, continue.

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