Monday, September 25, 2023

Britney Spears talks about her conservative drama

The Pop sensation Britney Spears weighs in her fight of conservation, revealing that the world understands just around half of its drama.

An admirer of a pink ‘Free Britney’ banner waving from his house on Instagram uploaded a GIF.

Spears said in conjunction with the photo: “Look at that flag!!!! I was thinking, ‘American Flag my flag up!?!?’ Yes… Yes… My own Horn, I’m tooting… This is evil?”

In a previous post, Spears stated that her messages were being misinterpreted by the media and would be less active on Instagram.

“”I have a platform I have to share with, at least for so long, in a system that I felt completely helpless!! The world may be a cruel place, I know… you know it. Selena Gomez explains it best. She shared killing them with kindness.

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