Wednesday, November 29, 2023

Britney Spears screams at her inquisitive photographers

Pop icon Britney Spears listens to paparazzi invading their privacy while enjoying their vacation.

Gift-Kronerin took to her Instagram and asked all photographers and reporters who were interested in her during the holidays to stay away from her.

“So being here on Maui is pretty crazy, now dads know where I am and it’s really no fun!!!! It’s pretty hard everywhere because these stupid faces keep popping up to take my picture [Camera and emoticons eye rolls]…but they didn’t just take a picture of me…they distorted my body and blended into the picture and it was embarrassing [grims, red face emoticon and upside down]!!

“I realize that my physique is not ideal, but I certainly don’t appear like I’m being photographed. It was rude and scornful, [offensive] really excellent,” she continued.

“If in my room you’re a Father or SOMEONE, don’t TALK TO ME I TEXTING. She continues IT’S RUDER in a video with a song by Lily Allen.

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