Thursday, February 22, 2024

Pop Star Britney Spears got a Puppy as her new family member

The 40 years old pop star Britney Spears posted a picture of her new ‘Puppy’ on Instagram. She called the puppy Sawyer and revealed how much she love the new addition.

When she started her video description, she included footage of her new dog. “I stumbled across him in Maui and brought him home with me right away. Even though he doesn’t respond, he seems to grasp everything I say!!!”

Britney Spears claims that the bright puppy has already mastered the art of toilet training himself. According to her, “I think he knows what I’m going through because of those eyes.”

The birth of a new kitten Spears wants to present later has also disclosed by the pop star. For two minutes, she stared at the food like it was 30 years old before eating it. She’s highly intelligent and she looks like an adorable little cheeta.

Moreover, video of the celebrity dancing in her one-piece bikini and black heels with her lovely puppy can see at various points. In October, Spears’ fiancĂ© said that they have a new Doberman puppy named Porsha, whom they named after their daughter.

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