Tuesday, December 5, 2023

Britney Spears agency has called for the conservatorship to be lifted

Agent Britney Spears urged for her conservative government to end. Cade Hudson said in a long Instagram article, “It was officially done silently” and wants Britney, 39, to be free of the grip of her father Jamie Spears.

“I kept my lips shut about Britney for more than 12 years” says TMZ that Hudson was posting on his private Instagram profile. Sufficient is sufficient. After having been threatened with hundreds of deaths, water bottles have been hurled at me from those who watch me and tell me now I’m brainwashing her, Britain

Cade said that “one individual” was always interested in Britney, but “was silent.”

He said: “It failed the system and the people. Her new lawyer is the finest of the best and understands the work just started, but that’s progress and hope, and we may ask for anything now till actions are made.

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