Friday, December 1, 2023

Britney Spears reacts To Jamie Lynn’s Upcoming ‘GMA’ Interview

Britney Spears appeared to respond to the topic of conservatorship and present relationship with her sister Jamie Lynn.
Jamie Lynn Spears is having a sit-down interview but Britney Spears isn’t happy about it.

A somewhat mysterious Instagram picture by the pop artist followed a sneak peek of Jamie Lynn’s upcoming Good Morning America interview. Jamie weeps on a couch as says, “I adore my sister”. It’s possible she is ready to tell her own experience in an interview or book. Jamie Lynn’s appearance is in part to promote the January 18th release of her novel, “Things I Should Have Said”.

Britney and Jamie Lynn have been feuding for some time now. However, Britney Spears’ younger brother frequently used social media throughout the court struggle regarding her conservatorship. She was quick to respond and claim that her entire family should be “in jail” for what transpired.

Britney’s issue with Jamie Lynn was over her cover of her song “Till the World Ends” during the awards performance. She commented on July 18, “I don’t like that my sister came up to an awards event and sang MY SONGS to remixes.”

At this point, Britney has no desire to mend fences with Jamie Lynn. It’s sad to say but she isn’t all that surprised that her sister is utilising this chance with the media focus to sell her own book.

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