Monday, April 15, 2024

Jane Etta Pitt warned her son Brad Pitt over dating Emily Ratajkowski

Brad Pitt‘s mother Jane Etta Pitt thinks he should get back together with Jennifer Aniston but why did he start dating Emily Ratajkowski? The actor is making a big deal out of his purported romance with the fashion model. Despite her recent claims that she has no longer attached to anybody following her divorce.

However, many rumors point to a budding romance between her and the Once Upon a Time in Hollywood star. In the middle of this, it has also alleged that Emily is bisexual. Neither star has commented on the rumors but the actor’s mom apparently has very strong feelings about it.

The mother of Brad Pitt reportedly has a soft spot for Emily Ratajkowski. As a source said, “she doesn’t object to Brad Pitt dating Emily per se, but she does worry about him being hurt again following his high-profile splits from Jennifer Aniston and Angelina Jolie.”

In case you haven’t heard, Brad Pitt’s controversies stem from his former relationships with Jennifer Aniston and Angelina Jolie. The actor’s infidelity with Jolie led to his separation with the Friends star. The Fight Club star’s marriage to Angelina ended poorly when she accused Pitt of abuse.

Brad’s mom has always had a thing for Jen and that’s common knowledge. She really wants Jen to get custody of her son. In any case, the likelihood of it happening is minimal. Recent accusations concerning Brangelina have been particularly incendiary.

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