Thursday, February 22, 2024

BLINKs appreciates BLACKPINK Lisa’s uniqueness

BLINLKS are followers of BLACKPINK who have discovered something unique about Lisa while the band was on tour throughout the world. These fans adore and admire this quality about Lisa.

The South Korean diva just started the band’s world tour, which was called BORN PINK. The concerts were attended by millions of admirers, and in the footage that circulated on social media, many users saw something special in Lisa that they cherish and love.

During the course of her band’s world tour, Lisa frequently posts backstage images after each event. However, the fact that Lisa likes to pray in the moments leading up to performances is what has garnered the most attention.
The Lalisa singer, who is 25 years old, has this incredible practice of praying and having a spiritual moment right before stepping on stage. It looks like she has been doing this for a long time.
People on the internet can’t get enough of how admirable it is that Lisa shows thanks in such a touching way.

Lisa never missed a chance to pray in the moments leading up to any of BLACKPINK’s concerts, whether it was the group’s first ever tour or their appearance at Coachella 2019 as a part of the lineup. She did this so that she could feel more at ease and fulfilled.

In addition to praying in order to feel more at ease before each performance, it has been observed that Lisa does this in order to demonstrate gratitude for the journey she has been on and the distance she has traveled as a vocalist.

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