Monday, April 15, 2024 hacked by online scammers, the first website dedicated to bitcoin (BTC), was hacked by online scammers and is currently unavailable as of this writing.’s anonymous curator, Cobra, made it known that the website was battling with hackers who were attempting to put up a fraud notice on the internet, according to Cobra.

BTC developer Matt Corallo stated on Twitter that “It appears that has been hacked and the entire site has been changed with a hoax offering free Bitcoin.” “Do not send any payments to that address,” says the author.

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Namecheap temporarily limited access to the website in response to a request from Corallo. According to Cobra, the website “may be unavailable for a few days.”

Users said that the website was displaying a usual false giveaway announcement, with scammers supposedly managing to collect approximately $17,000 and send it to their respective locations prior to the website being taken down by the authorities.

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