Wednesday, November 29, 2023

Bilquis Edhi : The Person of the decade

Bilquis Edhi , Famous Pakistani philanthropist and humanitarian worker is again recognized for her actions and received the title Person of the Decade!

Bilkis Edhi, one of Pakistan’s most famous philanthropists and humanists, has been named a Person of the Decade along with UN human rights rapporteur Prof. Yanhi Lee and US ethicist Stephen Solge.

An Edhi Foundation spokesperson said that following the domino effect decision announced by Impact Hallmark on Friday, Bilquis Edhi was named Most Influential Person in the first two decades of the 21st century, and therefore received the title of Personality of the Decade.

Bilkis Bano Edhi is a professional nurse and runs the Bilkis Edhi Foundation. In her life, she spent more than six decades serving needy mankind.

To date, the charity has saved more than 42,000 unwanted babies by placing “jhoolas” Edhi in Edhi homes and centers across the country, making her even more worthy of the “Person of the Decade” title.

Bilkis Edhi, also known as Mother of Pakistan, has been awarded various awards at home and abroad, including the Hilal-e-Imtiaz, the Lenin Peace Prize, the International Social Justice Prize at Mother Teresa Monument (2015) and the advertisement for the Ramon Magseisi Service which she received in 1999 1986 with her husband, Abdul Satar Edhi. Now she has received the title “Person of the Decade”!

Impact Hallmarks, an international network-based organization that runs the Person of the Decade process, said in a statement that three people, Bilkis Edhi, Prof Yanhiy Lee and Stephen Solge, “took top spots of the special features of” stretched and segmented “Impact.

Decades and the Best “Triarchism” of Sociological Research “Another accolade this country has earned is the declaration of another Pakistani scholar, ambiguity and explorer, Prof. Aurangzeb Al Hafi, among the “Big Ten” for his scientific discoveries. He was inducted into the sixth place among the most influential people in the world.

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