Monday, May 29, 2023

Google Cofounder Larry Page Gets New Zealand Residency Despite Closed Border

Google co-founder Larry Page has become New Zealand resident who visited the country amid Covid-19 border limitations. The government confirmed Paige’s whereabouts after a New Zealand merchandise store told her on Thursday that Paige had been in the country earlier this year accompanying her sick son in Fiji.

Paige, the world’s sixth richest person, was allowed into the country, although New Zealand’s borders remained closed to most passengers during the Covid-19 pandemic. Staying alone will not allow entry into New Zealand during the Covid-19 border restrictions, the case has been classified as a medical emergency and medical evacuation has been approved.

Last month, researchers described the country as “the best place to survive global social collapse,” referring to its ability to protect borders and grow food for its people, its temperate climate, and low population density. These attributes have made it the destination of choice for global elites hoping to buy bolts or bunkers in preparation for a social or environmental apocalypse.

Larry Page citizenship of News Zealand has become a political controversy

In 2017, news broke that Peter Till, billionaire and co-founder of PayPal, received citizenship despite having only lived in the country for 12 days.

Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern was also asked by reporters about Paige’s presence in New Zealand and said she had not been informed of her visit. Ardern said the calls were made by clinic staff and should not be made by politicians. “In all [medevac] cases, this is a decision for the doctor and I have absolute confidence that our doctor will make the decision.”

According to Immigration NZ, to be eligible for New Zealand residence status through employment, most applicants must reside in New Zealand on a two-year work visa and meet health and character requirements.

The location may also qualify for a resident visa, which requires applicants to have $10 million to invest in New Zealand for a period of three years. In their Investment Visa Information, Immigration NZ says, “If you have a residence permit, you can come to New Zealand with your family and enjoy our unique way of life.”

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