Sunday, December 10, 2023

Bill Hutchinson has pleaded not guilty to raping a minor

Bill Hutchinson, star of Marrying Millions pleaded not guilty at his southern California holiday home to rape an unconscious 16-year-old girl.

The two-season Lifetime series “Marry Millions,” which followed its 23-year-old boyfriend Brianna Ramirez, is renowned for Hutchinson. Hutchinson controls Dunhill Partners in Texas, which is a commercial immobilizer business that builds, rents, or maintains retail malls and other properties around the country.

Prosecutors have reported that Hutchinson took two 16-year-old females to his holiday home in Laguna Beach on multiple visits this year and in April he gave a girl with booze before raping the unconscious teenager. In May, he is charged with the second teen’s sexual battery.

Hutchinson in California pled not guilty to an unconscious person’s felony counting and five sexual battery misdemeanor. Up to eight years in the state prison and two and a half years in the county prison, if convicted.

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