Monday, May 29, 2023

PPP President Bilawal extends greetings to the nation on Independence Day

President Bilawal Bhutto Zardari of Pakistan’s Party for the People (PPP), thanking the country on Independence Day, remarked that Pakistan’s future is bright.

He also remarked that this nation does not face a threat provided it maintains our national policy under the 1973 Constitution.

In a communication released on the 74th Day of Independence in Pakistan, the president of the PPP remarked that this day honours the effects of our forefathers’ peaceful political fight and their dedication to Pakistan as a democratic vision.

“There is unfortunately still no fundamental and equitable services, and illnesses of prejudice, injustice and poverty still affect our people after 74 years,” remarked Bilawal Bhutto.

“The solution to the challenges in Pakistan rests in building real democracy and respecting the Constitution,” he added.

Bilawal stated further that PPP is a political party that carries out the philosophy and the thought of our founding grandparents.

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