Monday, December 4, 2023

Hareem Shah Leaked Videos: Bilal Shah Stands by Hareem Shah Amidst Private Video Leaks

Bilal Shah, the husband of TikTok star Hareem Shah, has spoken out about his anger and disappointment over the leaking of private videos of his wife on social media.

Despite facing criticism from others who advised him to leave his wife in this challenging situation, Bilal has pledged his unwavering support to his spouse.

In a recently released video, the couple revealed that Hareem’s friends, Sundal Khattak and Ayesha Naz, were the individuals responsible for the leaked videos. Hareem explained that her friends leaked the videos due to a falling out with her, with the malicious intent of ruining her reputation.

Bilal expressed his frustration and disappointment with his wife’s friends, who were trusted guests in their home and even shared rooms with them as close friends.

He never imagined that they would betray their friend in such a callous manner, especially as fellow women. The actions of Hareem’s friends have not only violated her privacy but have also tarnished the character of a woman, Bilal added.

According to a report by Geo News, Bilal Shah, the husband of famous TikToker Hareem Shah, is furious and disappointed over the leaking of his wife’s private videos. Despite facing pressure to abandon his wife, he has stood by her and publicly supported her.

In their video, Hareem explained that Sandal and Ayesha leaked the videos because of a falling out with her, and they were intended to harm her character.

Bilal expressed his dismay and anger towards the behavior of Hareem’s friends, who were allowed into their home as trusted guests and even shared rooms with them. He did not expect such betrayal from her friends, and he plans to take legal action against them once they return to Pakistan.

Despite receiving criticism for his decision to support his wife, Bilal believes that a true husband stands by his wife in difficult times and provides her with unwavering support.

Hareem expressed regret for trusting her friends and allowing them access to everything in her home, confirming that the leaked videos were real and that her friends had previously threatened to make them public.

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