Saturday, December 2, 2023

Bilal Lakhani is the first Pakistani to get the 40 under 40 awards

PRWeek, one of the world’s top accolades in the business, has received the PR 40 Under 40 award by Bilal Lakhani, veteran of the PR sector and a company who began her communication career in Karachi, Pakistan.

PR 40 minus 40 acknowledges the function of communications, public relations and marketing. Bilal has won PR 40 under 40 honors, first & only Pakistani.

Bilal has been a leading talent of Procter & Gamble, in Cincinnati, Geneva & Karachi, for over a decade in the creation and delivery of communication initiatives. He is now the chief communications officer for P&G brands worth two billion dollars in North America and manages P&G’s worldwide Center of Excellence for In fluent.

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In addition, Bilal, with over 300,000 followers on its social networks, is a distinguished journalist and influencer.

He has been an interviewed blockbuster with the President and Finance Minister of Pakistan, and a writer for Pakistan’s largest language English daily. In addition, he has produced a number of mini-documents about Extraordinary Pakistanis with a lifetime of over 20 million.

“The 40 students under the age of 40 of the previous ten symbolize who has been in high-ranking positions in the business, as well as numerous honors,” says Steve Barrett, vice president of the PRWeek publishing house.

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