Wednesday, March 29, 2023

Berlin Film Festival will honour Steven Spielberg’s career

The 73rd Berlin International Film Festival will honor Steven Spielberg. Steven’s new film, The Fablemans, will also screen at the festival in February.

In a press release, Mariette Rissenbeek and Carlo Chatrian said, “Steven Spielberg’s outstanding career has captivated generations of viewers around the world and given “film” a new meaning as the factory of dreams.”

“Whether in the enchanted world of youth or in the reality that history has shaped, Steven’s movies take us to a different level,” they said.

If Berlinale 2023 is a new beginning, they couldn’t find a greater start than Spielberg’s effort. In 19 Oscar nominations, Steven has won three.

Berlinale: “He’s the most successful director ever.” Steven has received the Presidential Medal of Freedom and the Grand Cross for the Shoah Foundation and “Schindler’s List.”

Steven’s award ceremony will be announced later.

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