Monday, December 11, 2023

Bella Hadid takes up 2000s with boyfriend Marc Kalman

Supermodel Bella Hadid was finally sighted with photographers with boyfriend Marc Kalman after covering her romantic space for close to a year.

During the weekend she travelled to New York City with him for a café date.

Bella donned Ed Hardy’s cap-sleeve from the 2000s, with the words ‘punk queen’ on the back of Gothic font, with white trousers. Her brunette locks were cut into a half-color and she sported a glossy collar shell with little black shades.

Marc almost dressed up, wearing with khakis and sneakers a pristine white shirt,” Daily Mail said.

In July last year, the couple began to date, according to a source from ‘Page Six,’ but it was kept secret. “He’d first come out, grab his car, then she’d get into the car, if they walked out.

They were going to a place, and he would put it down, but he wouldn’t go and park the car,” an insider said.

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