Thursday, March 30, 2023

Supermodel Bella Hadid slammed India and other countries for imposing ‘Hijab Ban’

In a recent Instagram post, supermodel Bella Hadid expressed her thoughts about ‘Hijab Ban’ and slammed nations like India and France. She supported the Otago high school student and blasted countries for their treatment of Muslims unfairly.

She took to her Instagram to show her support for Otago Girls’ High School 17 years old Hoda Al-Jamaa. The student has abused and had her Hijab pulled off after refusing to swear in Arabic.

She wrote, “We have to shift our way of thinking about making snap judgments. Being Muslim or ethnicity other than white does not imply being a danger or being different from others.”

Bella Hadid captioned a series of screengrabs of the “Hijab ban” controversy with the statement. She spoke on the issue of Muslim women’s rights. She urged France, India, Quebec, Belgium, and other countries that discriminate against Muslim women to reconsider their actions.

It’s not your duty to tell women what to wear or not wear, especially when it comes to faith and safety. She cried while labelling the present world as ‘Islamophobic’. Over 50 million Instagram users follow Bella Hadid. So, she utilises the platform to speak out against social injustice.

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