Wednesday, October 4, 2023

Pakistani flood victims are waiting for help from entire world, says Bella Hadid

Supermodel Bella Hadid has voiced her sorrow for the people of Pakistani flood victims. She asked assistance from the rest of the world in the wake of the recent devastating floods.

In an Instagram post on the recent flood catastrophes in Pakistan, Bella Hadid included photographs and videos of flood victims. These have published by various organisations such as UNICEF.

According to her tweet, 33.3 million people in Pakistan are at risk from the recent floods induced by climate change-related torrential rainfall. Over a thousand people, mostly children have killed by the floods that have swept through all four provinces of Pakistan.

She said that in addition to destroying millions of acres of crops, the floods had killed 800,000 livestock. The afflicted areas’ economies have severely damaged, necessitating international assistance. The world should rally around the victims of the floods in Pakistan.

Bella Hadid encouraged her followers to give as little as $2.50 to aid flood victims by providing a food package. A family of four can obtain a three-month supply of menstruation pads, hand sanitizer, hand wash and other necessities for for $12. A donation of $55 may provide adequate nutrition for a woman or kid for six to eight weeks.

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