Tuesday, February 27, 2024

‘Man Vs Wild’ famed Bear Grylls shared his brutal opinion about the UK schooling system

British explorer and television personality best known for show ‘Man vs Wild’, Bear Grylls offers his opinion for the schooling system. According to reports, he wants to change how schools in the United Kingdom assist pupils with mental health problems.

Despite the improvements, Bear Grylls thinks that schools have still woefully ill-equipped. They are not providing students with the necessary tools to succeed in life. In an interview, Bear Grylls discussed his opinion on the importance of further improvement of the schooling system of United Kingdom.

He said, “I believe the UK’s educational system has grossly under-equipped. No one ever educated me about mental health and I never learned it in school. A generation ago, it was not something people spoke about. When individuals do not have the resources to make sense of the struggles they’re facing, they frequently feel lost and unsure of what to do.”

Moreover, Bear Grylls discussed how he feels a lack of preparation from a young age is a major factor in the staggeringly high incidence of suicides among adults. He has resolved to work toward changing it in modern culture.

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