Friday, September 29, 2023

Bazid Khan mistakes Danny Morrison for porn actress Dani Daniels live on TV

A slip of the tongue can easily happen to anyone. Some mistakes can be overlooked, but others could spark a meme frenzy on social media. Unfortunately, the well-known commentator Bazid Khan was a victim of the second scenario.

Bazid Khan, a fellow panelist and a former cricketer for New Zealand, referred to Danny Morrison, who is currently playing for Pakistan, as the name of an adult-content actress, Dani Daniels, on Day 2 of the second Test that is currently being played between Pakistan and New Zealand.

When New Zealand’s tailenders Matt Henry and Ajaz Patel put together 49 runs for the 10th-wicket stand, according to the specifics, the humorous gaffe was heard live by millions of people on TV.

Bazid Khan was overheard referring to the highest-ever 10-wicket partnership for New Zealand and referring to Danny Morrison as Dani Daniels, an American porn star.

This is the point in time at which Bazid was unable to tell Danny and Dani apart from one another.
BF Hastings and RO Collinge continue to hold the record for New Zealand’s highest-ever 10-wicket partnership. This record was set by these two players. In the 1973 match against Pakistan that took place in Auckland, the two batsmen combined for 151 runs.

Danny Morrison was also a big contributor to the partnership that was made at the 10th wicket. They played England in Auckland in 1997 and scored 106 runs between the two of them, making it the sixth-highest 10-wicket partnership for New Zealand. This achievement was made possible by NJ Astle.

Yesterday, Henry and Ajaz scored 104 runs, which placed them as New Zealand’s seventh-highest 10-wicket partnership in terms of run total.

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