Saturday, September 23, 2023

Barbie sequel planned after record-breaking film: Report

It has been stated that Mattel is currently working on a sequel to the film Barbie as a direct result of its exceptional success at the movie office.

The film featuring Margot Robbie has earned more over one billion dollars worldwide at the box office since it was released on July 21. This puts it ahead of Christopher Nolan’s Oppenheimer and the most recent episode of Mission Impossible with Tom Cruise.

An insider informed The Sun that Mattel has approached the crew who worked on the fantasy comedy picture to discuss their contract arrangements for a follow-up film. The film will reportedly be based on a toy line created by Mattel.

Due to the fact that the sequel is still in its very early stages, plot specifics and other information are being kept under wraps. “Crew who worked on the Barbie film have been contacted to discuss working on the follow-up,” the source disclosed to the magazine about the matter. “It is still very early on, but it has become clear that the bosses want the same crew for the sequel as they did for the first installment,” the speaker said.

They said, “Emails have been sent, but firmer details need to be finalised,” to clarify what had already been stated. It is currently unknown whether Robbie and the rest of the cast of Barbie will participate in the production of the second film. Greta Gerwig, who made history as the first female director to have a picture gross more than one billion dollars, has not been confirmed to return for the sequel.

In an interview with People Magazine that took place before the discussions on a sequel, Gerwig revealed her wish to return to the Barbieland and voiced her hope that the film would “be the launch of a world and a bunch of different Barbie movies.” “There’s a tone and a humour and a joy, and obviously the world is so beautiful,” Gerwig said in her interview with the journal. “I really want to go back to Barbie Land.”

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